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January 30th, 2012

I’m looking for more weddings in 2012. If you or someone you know wants to create some amazing images for their upcoming wedding, hit the contact button above. I’d love to hear from you!

It’s been a YEAR since my last post!

November 30th, 2010

So much has happened over the past year to my business, to my family and to me personally, I feel like I could write a book! I think, to start me blogging again, from time to time, I’ll get back to posting pictures. Hopefully those of you that watch my blog or blogs will enjoy that. So I’m going to start with some favorites from different family related events I’ve shot over the past year.

It seems hard to believe, but little Luke has grown beautifully and turned 2 this past October. He’s such a sweet little guy.

We really enjoyed our time with family up in Mammoth for a time of vacation at Convict Lake. We were there for 10 incredibly windy days. There were some days where we had 50 and 60 mph wind gusts hit our tent, but we survived. Though I didn’t catch much, I had a great time relaxing while I fished the local lakes.

The boys have continued playing baseball and are doing very well. I’m enjoying cooking more than ever and have started a cooking and gardening blog at:

Well, that’s it for now, next time I’ll post some fun wedding and event pictures. So much to share….

Enjoy the Holidays. God Bless!


Stryper - Shooting from the Media Pit

November 17th, 2009

Here are some images from the Stryper 25th Anniversary Tour. I saw them last night in Anaheim at the House of Blues. My friend Tim Gaines is the bass player in the band and he acquired some MEDIA passes for me so I could shoot them from the pit which is located between the stage and the audience. Such a cool experience. Thank you so much Tim! Enjoy!

Feelin’ a little Fallish

October 27th, 2009


If you’ve never been, ya gotta go on out to the Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Patch, it’s very cool. Pumpkins for as far as you can see…. well almost if you look over that way…. and a little over there. But really, there’s a lot of pumpkins. This was our first year there, we went last Sunday, the last day of the event and I was very nervous as we drove into a parking lot filled to the gills! All I kept thinking was, “There’s not going to be any pumpkins left and I’m gonna have to think fast when the boys are disappointed. There’s always McDonald’s. OK, I’m safe.”

Quite honestly it’s not a patch. It’s a field. A really, really BIG field, with thousands and thousands of pumpkins! One of the pleasant surprises for me was that’s it’s not just a field of pumpkins but there are vendor booths, pony rides, bounce houses, kettle corn, a farmers market… you know, you’re just gonna have to go next year and see it for yourself. For info click on the underlined words above that say Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Patch.

Which by the way, I’d like to mention to my non-uber-techy readers, if you click the underlined words in my posts you will be taken to some pretty cool or fun web pages. So keep that in mind.

OK, how many of you just ran back to the chocolate milk post?  :)  Come on, be honest.

I remember clearly thinking on my way home, “What are they gonna do with all those thousands of leftover pumpkins?”

And if you had any doubts, the boys had a blast, even little Luke.

See ya next time!


Homework and Hershey’s Chocolate Milk

October 20th, 2009

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make it all good. Simple things like a cup of chocolate milk while doing your homework. It seems to make homework a little more palatable somehow.

But doing homework while surrounded by your favorite Legos doesn’t hurt either.

See ya next time!


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